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Welcome to Against All Odds Research, your go-to source for insightful financial analysis and market perspectives. With a wealth of trading experience spanning decades and a decade of 8 figure portfolio management… I am Jason Perz, the mind behind this platform. Professional Portfolio Manager, commercial real estate investor, 13 years sober, (My TED talk if you are interested) and retired professional BMX rider.

Here at Against All Odds Research, I embrace a distinctive approach that reacts to quantitative signals and macro market trends. No bias, my aim is to dissect market situations and spotlight the most favorable trading and investing opportunities. Preparing profitable risk to reward set ups for you. I am totally transparent. I share my winners as well as my losers. No BS from me. Just honest trading.

Let's be honest—trading and investing are challenging pursuits, pitting you against some of the sharpest minds globally, every day. I believe that the biggest obstacle to trading is the guy staring back at you from the mirror everyday. I have made countless mistakes and I started this page to show everyone the truth. Not some BS story about my 34234234234% returns. Just the facts. I strive to share those valuable experiences with you, offering insights that may help you avoid repeating similar pitfalls. Of course, there's no escaping the fact that we're all bound to encounter new challenges in this ever-evolving landscape. We will navigate those together!

Against All Odds Research is not just a newsletter; it's a conduit for the wisdom accumulated over decades in the markets. Providing insight, experience, strength and hope into my personal trades, portfolio and most importantly my mind. this platform aims to not only offer strategic insights but also bring a smile to your face along the way.

Membership too Against All Odds Research is priced at $26 per month or $270 per year, with all prices denominated in USD. For those preferring to pay using different avenues, contact me, specifying the number of seats you desire and the dealer responsible for payment, and leave the rest to me.

Thank you for joining the Against All Odds Research community, where we navigate the financial landscape together, armed with experience, a commitment to learning, and an unwavering focus on opportunities amidst the odds.

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A Heartfelt Appreciation to all my Incredible Readers

As I conclude this journey, I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you. Writing for Against All Odds Research has been an enriching experience, and it truly wouldn't have been as fulfilling without your support and engagement. There were countless moments when I found myself grinning as I penned down my thoughts, only to later receive emails from readers sharing how my words brought laughter and insight to their day. Whether it was exploring unfamiliar subjects or navigating the complexities of the investing world, your responses added new dimensions to our shared exploration. To those who took the time to thank me, I sincerely hope I had the chance to respond; however, life sometimes has its own plans. Your notes have brightened many of my days, and I want to express my heartfelt thanks for reaching out. Your connection means the world to me. Thank you for being an integral part of the Against All Odds Research community.

With gratitude, Jason Perz

Monday: Everything you need to know for the week ahead (Trend models, regime models, macro system outlook and upcoming trades, things to pay attention to.)
Wednesday: The commodity report(A write up on commodities or futures to pay attention to)/Portfolio update(Clear and Transparent)
Friday: The seven day scope (My weekly brain dump, seriously)

Trade ideas, breaking it down (learning and more) and other updates will come out randomly during the week.

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