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Turning Passion into Profit: Ron Thomas's Path from BMX to Real Estate Success

Turning Passion into Profit: Ron Thomas's Path from BMX to Real Estate Success

A Journey of Entrepreneurship, Events, and Real Estate Ventures

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Ron is not just a good friend; he's an integral part of my journey. For those of you who share an interest in the realms of real estate and entrepreneurship, or if you simply want to delve deeper into my personal story and discover the remarkable individuals I collaborate with beyond the stock and futures markets, stay tuned for more insights.

Ron Thomas is a seasoned entrepreneur whose journey has been marked by remarkable achievements and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His entrepreneurial career began in 2005 when he founded Rise Above Entertainment, a venture that initially started in the confines of his childhood home's garage. At that time, Ron's main profession was as a touring professional BMX stunt rider. Rise Above Entertainment set out to not only rival Ron's then-employer but to surpass them by producing the very events in which he was hired to perform.

The business soared to its zenith, orchestrating an impressive 1,000 live events annually across the contiguous 48 states and even venturing overseas. However, the turning point for Rise Above Entertainment came when it redefined its core purpose. Instead of merely offering entertainment for hire, Ron and his team harnessed the live events as powerful tools for in-person data collection and precision-targeted marketing, achieved through bespoke branded campaigns. This innovative approach catapulted the business into the spotlight, attracting lucrative sponsorships and resulting in a tenfold increase in revenue potential.

In 2010, Ron embarked on a new venture - real estate investment. His passion for building, finance, and economics quickly led him to the world of real estate development. Over the years from 2010 to 2019, he gradually shifted his focus away from the events industry and toward full-time real estate development.

Today, Ron Thomas dedicates his expertise to tackling real estate-related challenges. His approach revolves around the fusion of economics, construction, and finance, allowing him to identify and nurture properties and projects that leave a positive and lasting impact on communities. Ron's journey serves as an inspiring testament to the power of innovation, adaptability, and a relentless commitment to making a difference.

Stay informed. Stay resilient. Against all odds.

Warm regards, Jason Perz

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